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Course Overview

This training course is much more than teaching you how to use the software. You will learn how to apply all PMI standards in creating a winning project plan. You will also learn how to create schedules and line tasks as well as the different views and reports required to communicate with your project members. This course combines both basic and advanced training modules into one.

Target Audience

This course is meant for business professionals looking to gain useful insights on their business.


Project Management Fundamentals
Microsoft Project Menus
Create Task
Setup Resources and Assign to Tasks
Project Cost
Format and Share Plan
Track Progress
Fine-tune Plans and Schedules
Sorting and Filtering Views
Advanced Fine-tune Resource and Assignment Details
Using Templates and Importing Data
Setting Baselines and Concepts of Critical Path
Balancing Resources
Delays and Conflicts
Working with Reports and Custom Views
Managing Multiple Projects
Export Plans to Other MS Programs

Course Details

This training duration is 40 Hours. It includes in-class instruction, live demos and labs.
This course includes:
40 Hours
Covering 17 Modules
Live Demos

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