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Smoke Barrels - Smoking Hot Food Right in Your Backyard

POSTED March 8, 2017

Smoke Barrels is a unique, outdoor, food smoking system. The smoker is manufactured from old, empty wine barrels purchased from wineries that have been "upcycled" into smokers. (Whiskey barrels are also available.) The barrels, which are made of oak, are sanded and stained on the outside while the inside remains the same. There is an area inside the barrel for charcoal chips and a rack on which to place the food you wish to smoke. The smoker maintains an even heat through the use of a venting system and a heat-circulating fan. There are also two temperate probes: one for the meat and one for the rack. Smoking is done at a lower temperature, typically 200 – 250F, for longer time. For example, ribs take about three hours to smoke and chicken breasts, one to two hours.
Zac Hartley and his family created this home smoking system in August, 2015, when they couldn't find anything on the market to use at their family's cottage in the Okanagan.
An Instagram photo of their smoke barrel led to an interview by CTV News, which resulted in the sale of five barrels.
To date, 60 smoke barrels have been sold and the company is on track to sell 200 – 300 barrels.

Smoke Barrels likes to push the boundaries of smoked food. Recipes on their website include smoked oysters, smoked cheese and even smoked coleslaw.

Smoke Barrels also has a line of accessories such as wine and whiskey barrel wood chips, BBQ Accessories and Home Décor.


Follow @smoke_barrels on Instagram and Facebook and check out their ATB Boostr crowdfunding campaign here Smoke Barrels Boostr


Written By:

Kathy Dueck

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