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PlayCity: Life Is Short, Go Play

POSTED February 17, 2017

Ever wanted to do an activity but couldn't find someone with the same interests and skill level as yourself to play sports, walk the dogs, or take a yoga class?
Check out PlayCity

PlayCity is a new app that connects active lifestyle enthusiasts. PlayCity was founded by Hafiz Mitha in 2015 after he became frustrated at not being able to find someone to play tennis with. Drawing his inspiration from dating apps, he created PlayCity.

How It Works

  • Download the app on iTunes or Google Play: PlayCity
  • Log in to the app through your Facebook account
  • Select the activities you want to participate in and enter your skill levels for each
  • The app will match you with users who are online with the same skill level and interest in the same sports and activities
  • Send them an invite to play

This app helps build community by connecting people through physical activity. PlayCity also provides more opportunities to exercise than people might otherwise have, by addressing the two biggest barriers to exercise: scheduling and finding players at a similar skill level. Physical activity helps mental and emotional health.

New users and activities are being added every day. Come and play with PlayCity.

Hafiz has also launched an adjunct to PlayCity called Project Play where arrangements can be made to donate used equipment at various locations.

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Written By:

Kathy Dueck

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