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Transform your
meeting rooms with
Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Work like you're all in one place and enable everyone to collaborate effectively with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Modernize your meeting spaces

Share and communicate seamlessly. You can join colleagues instantly, add meeting participants, and meet face to face with just one touch. Microsoft Teams Rooms enable youto easily manage your HD audio/video experience

Make any space a Teams Meeting place

Collaborate from virtually anywhere—from an office to a large conference room—with flexible Microsoft Teams Rooms. And you can add anyone to your meeting on any device to connect in the office and remotely.

Easy to deploy, simple to manage

Window 10 provides Microsoft Teams Rooms with enterprise-grade security, compliance, and manageability. You can quickly create an efficient virtual meeting place because Teams is compatible with existing displays and projectors.
Discover effective, flexible Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices. Learn More.

How does Teams enable smarter ways for connecting and working together?

One-touch connect
Start meetings on time using one-touch join.
Secure participation
Have peace of mind that your meeting has the enterprise-grade security of Windows 10.
Content and file sharing
Streamline collaboration by automatically sharing content with in-room and remote participants. Work together easily in files or on the virtual whiteboard.
Proximity awareness
Quickly locate and add a nearby available room to a meeting.
One-touch connect
Remote participants can finally see the in-room whiteboard, thanks to a dedicated, AI-powered content camera and intelligent capture

Microsoft Teams is the center for team work in Microsoft 365.

Chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, and file storage fit together in Microsoft Teams. As part of Microsoft 365, Teams uniquely delivers these capabilities at scale, with enterprise-grade security and compliance standards to meet the needs of global businesses.

Explore Teams: the center for teamwork in Microsoft 365


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