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JobJar Eliminates the "Honey-Do" List

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JobJar: getting assistance with household projects has never been easier.
The brainchild of Naomi Pereira, JobJar was started over a year ago. Naomi recognized a gap in the market: a lack of tradespeople and/or handypersons willing to do small jobs around the house, referred to as “Skilled Doers” on JobJar’s website, available for homeowners who needed this type of service. JobJar connects these Skilled Doers to homeowners needing small repairs or renovations to their home.

How It Works

Homeowners and Doers alike register on JobJar’s website. JobJar vets the “Doers” thoroughly, and gives them a “Verified” checkmark once they clear at least two references, a clean background check, and insurance. If a homeowner is looking for a “Doer,” they register on the site, and upload their request. Thereafter, the homeowner can interact with the Doers who have reached out, through JobJar's chat system, to agree on pricing, availability and other details. The homeowner then makes their selection. They are always free to choose based not only on price, but also on availability, qualifications and reviews from other homeowners.

To date, there are over 1,185 registrants in JobJar’s database, comprised of 820 doers and 360 homeowners.


JobJar brings the community together by having the option to choose base on location, which means you could choose someone close by to complete your project. It also helps the Canadian economy by giving the opportunity to newcomers who have the knowledge but lack the connections to start providing for their families in their areas of expertise.

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Written By:

Kathy Dueck

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