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POSTED January 27, 2017

Guest post by Kathleen Davey of Chic Geek and edited by Kathy Dueck.

Chic Geek - another organization that's part of the cohorts of ATB-X - is a welcoming and inclusive non-profit organization that supports women looking to gain skills in technology and entrepreneurship. Founded in 2013 by Kylie Toh, in the past year, the Chic Geek team has grown over 120%! Today, the team consists of 25 women + 2 men who all share a passion for community building within technology and entrepreneurship.

In November 2016, Chic Geek hosted Geeky Summit, the province’s first full-day conference celebrating the journeys of women in technology and entrepreneurship. They brought in inspirational keynote speakers and panelists from around the world to celebrate imperfection, build confidence with technology, and explore entrepreneurship. Planning is already underway for next year’s conference slated for November 2017.


Chic Geek also runs a 6-month mentorship program. The Mentorship Program is mentee-driven and project-based. Participants range from women learning new programming skills, to women writing books, building an app, or those looking to launch a business.

In addition, to their conference and mentorship program Chic Geek also hosts monthly events.

MeetnGeek is a free, fun, high-energy, networking event held at a local eatery where they share a 20-30 minute Ted-Talk style presentation to introduce that month’s series topic. Think “Ted-Talk style” where you will listen in on the presenter’s personal experiences and get inspired to learn more.

Their other event is TechStep. A 2-part event that delves deeper into the series topic and includes an intimate format presentation followed by round-table community discussions. During the round-table discussions, there is the opportunity to meet other community members, talk about personal learning goals, and build supportive long-lasting relationships. The more you attend, the bigger your network will become.

Prior event topics have covered: Google Analytics, Branding, Marketing, e-Commerce, and IOS development.


Chic Geek is kicking off  2017 with two networking events. MeetnGeek is happening February 8th, 2017. With TechStep happening on March 1st. Get your Tickets at both events here.


Connect with Chic Geek on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and their blog


Written By:

Kathy Dueck


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