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January 5, 2022
Supply chain maturity

.#Microsoft #Analytics and #machinelearning power the transformation that drives the future. See the data on #SupplyChainMaturity and the outlook for the next 7 years in the infographic below.

January 5, 2022
9 pro tips to get started with low code

Welcome #CitizenDevelopers! #Microsoft #PowerApps, part of the #MicrosoftPowerPlatform, provides a complete low-code app development solution. In this e-book, we'll read tips for entry-level Power Apps users to get started building their first business apps. Check it out!

January 3, 2022
5 reasons happy developers build in better security

One recent survey revealed that happy developers working within mature DevOps teams were 3.8 times less likely to rely on rumors to discover security issues. Survey respondents also revealed strong correlations between both mature DevOps practices and job satisfaction, and between developer productivity and mature DevOps practices. Read the article from Forbes, and then contact us to innovate your organization using DevOps with GitHub.

January 3, 2022
Advances in digital behavior analytics are transforming how retailers sell online

COVID-19 accelerated the predominance of online sales. Just as e-commerce has moved to the forefront of retail, personalization has become its key feature. Customers need to feel, be seen, and heard in today's competition to earn loyalty and sales.

Advances in digital behavior analytics enable retailers to deliver catered shopping journeys. By utilizing real-time analytics and AI, sellers can work to build trust as they learn the actionable insights of customer intent.

January 3, 2022
Office 365 and Dynamics Relationship Analytics for Sales

Watch this short video to see how #Microsoft Office 365, #Dynamics365 and #LinkedIn are better together and give sales teams a unique advantage that drives more revenue. Check it out!

January 3, 2022
The Partner Opportunity For Microsoft Business Applications ISV

Learn more about potential business opportunities related to building, managing, and selling Microsoft Business Applications as a Microsoft partner—and how to capture multiple revenue opportunities.

Access platforms, tools, resources, and support designed to help you develop and market your business apps. Become a Microsoft partner and obtain the tools you need to fully develop your organization's potential.

Subscribe to stay connected—we´ll help you navigate the world of Microsoft Business Applications as a Microsoft partner.

December 30, 2021
Deliver fast, efficient product innovation with a best-in-class build for open source.

Microsoft DevOps with GitHub empowers your organization to improve product quality, accelerate delivery, and enhance your visibility, control, and flexibility. Subscribe now to stay informed about how to leverage the power the largest developer community and platform in the world.

December 29, 2021
Understand Your Customers and Strengthen Relationships Remotely

Successful businesses enable their salesforce to function as trusted advisors by providing intelligent, accurate insights into what the customer wants and needs. Want to learn how to personalize sales and inspire trust—even while working remotely? You can improve customer engagement and develop strong customer relationships with modern tooling like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Sign up to learn more about how to effectively engage with digital selling.

December 29, 2021
A year of change: Digital transformation trends

The way we work and live has changed. Organizations of all sizes have scrambled to digitally transform and move to remote work even as they struggle to understand their future as a result of the recent global health crisis—and digital transformation has become a requirement for business continuity.

In this e-book you'll learn how digital transformation can help you maintain business continuity by enabling teams to work anywhere as you rapidly adjust in the face of a crisis.

December 29, 2021
Reduce time and costs by optimizing everyday tasks with intelligent automation

Optimize with intelligent tools and automation to enhance operations. Let us keep you up to date on how. Subscribe now!

December 29, 2021
The IT Leader's Guide to Mastering Compliance with Low-Code Solutions

Find out what you need to know to effectively tackle compliance initiatives. Download the guide.

December 29, 2021
This LinkedIn Tool Could Boost Your Sales

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium app designed for digital marketers building relationships 24/7. Its advanced search engine helps identify prospects by looking for leads or accounts—filtering search results based on geography, industry, company size, role, seniority level, and more.

Advanced capabilities like the Team version connects CRM applications and coordinates sales activity.

December 27, 2021
GEICO turbocharges insurance innovation in the cloud

By adopting a DevOps development strategy and transitioning development to Microsoft Azure, GEICO was able to engage customers more personally and dynamically. With the help of partner Applied Information Sciences, GEICO is moving to the cloud with a focus on increased efficiency, greater application availability, and lower costs. Watch this video and contact 3ELM Consulting to learn more.

December 27, 2021
Return to the workplace with confidence

Leaders are working to help their teams during the reopening of the workplace. Access this session to

learn about #Microsoft's Return to Workplace solution.

It allows for business continuity, safe reopening of workplaces, and support for your employees', volunteers'and constituents' health. Give people the confidence to meet in person with a pre-built solution designed to protect teams and streamline the entire reopening of the workplace process.

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