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June 14, 2021
Incredible Real-World Applications Prove the IoT Is Here to Stay

IoT devices have dramatically changed the way we interact with technology. But what about our cities and industries? Read this article to learn how the #IoT is helping improve thousands of lives with #PredictiveAnalysis of crime rates, traffic levels, and industrial accidents.

June 14, 2021
Introduction to Power Apps - Learn

Your business is unique, and so are your challenges. Discover the right app for you with Microsoft Power Apps. Power Apps connects to common data sources so you can integrate easily. Read about the process, watch a video, and learn from a customer success story in this insightful manual:

June 14, 2021
The 3 phases of an effective IoT strategy

Implementing an #IoT strategy is not as simple as plug-and-play. During each of its 3 stages, there are specific tools and actions all businesses need to execute to ensure favorable outcomes. Read this infographic to learn all about them, then follow 3ELM Consulting to begin your IoT journey with #Microsoft.

June 14, 2021
Kelly Roofing uses PowerApps to capture photos at work sites

Microsoft Power Apps fixed a business traffic jam for Kelly Roofing. This company was overloaded with paperwork and broken communication lines due to their vast client territory. But with Power Apps, they created a custom app that integrated photos, reports, scheduling, and client info for hundreds of employees to access. Read their success story here:

June 9, 2021
Replace labor redundancy and manual tasks with digital efficiency. Subscribe now to learn more.

Digital transformation has enabled multi-device connectivity that not only facilitates the gathering and integration of previously unseen client data, but also allows for always-on customer experiences. Follow 3ELM Consulting to learn how your organization can use #Microsoft #Azure to eliminate legacy work tools and fully make the jump to digital.

June 7, 2021
Implementing Role Based Security In Your PowerApps App

Security and governance are important factors considered by Microsoft Power Apps. This tutorial illustrates how you can implement permissions in a custom app. Following the tutorial also shows you how to implement any custom connector in the Power Apps environment. Get started here:

June 7, 2021
FINNING | Digital Transformation on the Azure Cloud

Paper-intensive tasks aren't only bad for the environment, they're also extremely inefficient and prone to data loss. Watch this video to learn how Finning used digital transformation and Microsoft #AzureIoT to overcome this challenge and deliver superior customer experiences. To begin your own digital journey, contact 3ELM Consulting.

June 7, 2021
Administering a Power Apps and Power Automate enterprise deployment whitepaper

Microsoft Power Apps is more than a quick, cost-effective app development platform. You can also leverage Power Apps to drive exponential growth while protecting data and maintaining governance. Learn more with this technical whitepaper that covers all aspects of planning, building, deploying, and managing a Power Apps solution.

June 2, 2021
How Entrepreneurs Are Connecting the World With IoT

The emergence of IoT marks a watershed moment when sensor-driven data will connect everything to everything else. Read this article to learn how companies and startups are fostering innovation with IoT technology, then contact 3ELM Consulting to discover more about Microsoft Azure IoT.

June 2, 2021
Three ways to make an app

App development as easy as one, two, three. Microsoft Power Apps has three simple ways you can launch your app quickly. Start with a blank slate, use a data-driven model, or leverage existing templates. With Power Apps, your team can deploy apps fast and seamlessly. Learn how you can get started today:

May 31, 2021
Finding the right IoT solution for your business

When investing in IoT, it's crucial to determine your company's expertise, control, and pricing requirements before buying into a SaaS or a PaaS model. Read this infographic to get a better understanding of how each model may impact your organization, then contact 3ELM Consulting to get started with #Microsoft #IoT.

May 31, 2021
Speed up the process: develop an app in hours

Speed and agility - Microsoft Power Apps gives you both with the power to create custom, professional apps in hours. By connecting your existing data and systems to your applications, your business can solve problems faster. The simple, automated processes help your team quickly develop and deploy apps, leaving time for innovation. Watch this brief video to learn how you can get started:

May 24, 2021
Stay connected with Microsoft Azure IoT. Subscribe now.

The IoT business revolution is here to stay, and companies that learn to place their brands in the pockets, homes, and minds of their customers have the upper hand. Learn how your business can make the jump to digital with #Microsoft #AzureIoT by subscribing to 3ELM Consulting today.

May 24, 2021
Grocery chain in northern California and southern Oregon boosts customers relationships with custom app

See how real businesses save money with Microsoft Power Apps. A grocery chain needed a streamlined solution that allowed staff in multiple departments and locations to respond to requests. They used Power Apps to quickly build their app solution. This app enabled staff to easily share information and saved 15 minutes per customer contact. Read their story here and learn how they grew profit and customer satisfaction with Power Apps.

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