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ATB-X Open House A Success!

POSTED February 2, 2017

The Open House went very well and we met many great people. We appreciate all of those who stopped by to learn about what 3ELM can do for your business.

Compared to companies that sell products, 3ELM had to come up with a compelling way to discuss our business. The visuals provided a great way to engage with visitors and everyone I spoke to really understood what we are all about. Most of the people seemed genuinely interested in our approach and many actually identified a specific need we could assist them with. Steve Hamilton, Analyst and Project Manager, 3ELM Consulting

For example:

Our Idea/Question Board helped us to have conversations with business owners to find out what ideas, or challenges, their business has and how we can help.

Our Building Blocks to Success demonstrated how we had the knowledge and expertise to take business challenges and/or ideas and implement them.

What can we help implement and solve for you?

Our software veterans, aspiring young developers, marketing virtuosos, SEO specialists, creative videographers, innovative project managers, data scientists and change management practitioners are ready to help entrepreneurs optimize and maximize ROI for funding resources, accelerate growth and predict the potential of funded entrepreneurial projects early on. ~ Farrah Al-Alami, CEO, 3ELM Consulting

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Kathy Dueck

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